Rat Rating – Rating & Similar Sites

Rat Rating – Rating & Similar Sites is an official free extension for RatRating Chrome project. It offers information about visited websites when you surf the Internet.

In addition to data about site rating and category it refers to, you can become acquainted with reviews of services and their rating presented by users, and provide estimation it yourself. For this, you just need to press the button ‘Leave a review’.

You have found an interesting website, are fond of this topic, and would like to get more similar services – our extension will assist you in looking for resources faster that may be thrilling and helpful for you! Launch our extension, and you will see an exhaustive list of sites on the same theme.

Open the world of new websites and resources in spheres you are keen on and have never known before. Our extension will let you save time on search of the necessary information on the Internet significantly!
Install RatRating Chrome extensionFor free!
Why the extension is usefull
The project RatRating presents itself the rating of popular Internet sites. It considers such website parameters as visits in different regions, behavior factors of site visitors, traffic and estimation quality that is presented by projects’ users in the form of rating and reviews.
Big and convenient base of ratings, news, and articles about Internet sites.
They all are divided into more than 120 categories and types. At the moment, about 40 000 websites are being rated.
Multi language support
The project basis constitutes the version in English; however, there are also versions in German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Chinese being supported.
The main traffic is performed by search (as organic, so paid one).
There are more than 2 000 visitors a day. The main traffic sources are provided by the countries all over the globe.
Additional opportunity to generate targeted traffic
Extension for Chrome browser, showing similar websites during Internet surfing.